After having had your first cup of coffee in your room, on the terrace or somewhere in the garden, we begin the day with a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast is served between 9 am and 11 am on our beautiful terrace.


Would you like to have breakfast somewhere else? For example, somewhere else in our spacious garden, amongst the trees, in your room or apartment or even somewhere else, not at Cortijo Andaluz? All you have to do is ask us for a breakfast picnic case.


In the breakfast picnic case, we will prepare a full, delicious breakfast, which you can then take anywhere you like.

Breakfast consists of a variety of breads, cheeses, cold meats and pastries. Besides something sweet, fresh fruit and juices, breakfast would not be breakfast without an egg. In addition, of course, as much tea and coffee as you like.


Breakfast is not included as standard. Nevertheless, you can order breakfast in advance or the day before.



Would you like to spend the day around the pool, playing with the kids, or enjoying a good book? Cortijo Andaluz can prepare you a superb lunch.

As serving meals with delicious fresh products is a priority for us, meals on offer may vary. For this reason, it is best to ask us what we will be serving for lunch that same day.  


Picnic basket  

Are you planning a day out? In addition, would you like to take a picnic with you to have on route? We can arrange for a great picnic basket to be prepared. Never easier!



In the evening, you can enjoy a wonderful dinner at Cortijo Andaluz. From Monday to Friday, we serve a varied menu of the day. A varied menu, with meat or fish, pasta or potatoes, and accompanied always with a nice fresh salad.


Family pizza oven  

We will provide all the ingredients for you to make your own tasty pizza, and prepare you a table so as you can prepare your own pizza to bake in our pizza oven. There is space in our pizza oven to bake smaller pizzas at the same time.  




How about having some fun together and grilling some meat, fish, vegetables or tapas? It can be done. We will gladly prepare you a wonderful table with your own grill. Do you have any preferences with regard to the ingredients? Just let us know and we will make sure these are on your table.



We frequently organize BBQs for everyone. On the BBQ, we prepare mouth-watering pieces of meat and fish. In addition, of course, not forgetting the vegetables and jacket potatoes, as well as tasty salads. 



We frequently organize Paella for everyone. On the Paella, we prepare meat and fish. In addition, of course, not forgetting the Sangria! 




For all breakfasts or possibly dinners, you need to make a reservation in advance. At breakfast, you can tell us if you will be joining us for dinner, for either the Menu of the Day, or whether you would like to reserve the pizza oven or the grill. Are you not joining us for breakfast? Make a dinner reservation before 10 am. You can make a breakfast reservation up until 6 pm for the next morning.