Alhaurín el Grande  

Alhaurín el Grande is situated to the North of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, and looks over the Guadalhorce Valley.


Alhaurín el Grande is situated half an hour away from Malaga, and it is th

e same distance to the coast. It will take you about 30 minutes by car, to towns such as Fuengirola, along the new road. Alhaurín el Grande is surrounded largely by countryside with olive trees, citrus trees and other 

fruit trees. Alhaurín el Grande is not a town flooded with tourists. There are some tourists, but the town has not lo

st any of its Spanish character.

The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moorish Conquerors have all left their mark throughout history. Nowadays, we refer to Alhaurín el Grande as a town with purchasing town.


Shopping, eating and drinking  

Alhaurín el Grande is just 1 km away. This small, friendly town with its whitewashed houses has a good selection of nice restaurants with open-air terraces. You can also do your shopping in the town, as there are supermarkets just a short distance from here. On Thursdays, the town has a typical outdoor market where you can find everything from clothes, accessories, to fruit and vegetables, among other things.

Places of interest 

 The places of interest in Alhaurín el Grande are the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, the Town Hall, the Shrine of San Sebastián and the Shrine La Santa Vera Cruz. In addition, not forgetting the Molino Morisco de ¨Los Corchos¨, a mill that is in perfect working order today, just as it was in Islamic times.