SPEND WINTERTIME from 350€ per month. 

Spending the winter, means being in a warm country for a month or more. In this way, you will be able to avoid the long, cold and wet winters in Britain.

For many years, Spain has become the place par excellence to spend the winter months.

The climate, with its mild winters, especially in Malaga, is of course one of the reasons. Besides this, Malaga offers an awful lot more! It is the perfect mixture between nature and culture, tranquillity, activities and enjoyment. To relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside along with its friendly inhabitants and a blue sky.


Prices of flights are attractive, especially in low season. This too is, of course, an advantage.  


The fact that so many British people come and spend the winters here also has its advantages. Hence, for example, you will easily be able to find a doctor who speaks English and who can provide first-class health care. Besides, it is actually very nice to meet your fellow compatriots and women here in the South of Spain. 


Spending the winter in Malaga, from October until March, is now possible… from only 350€ per month!

The season for spending the winter months here starts in November and lasts until March. Thanks to its mild climate, at this time of year, you can take a stroll along the boulevard or stop for a drink at one of the outdoor terraces. It is also the perfect time for taking a walk in the mountains or in the White Villages. Any of these trips can be done on foot or by bicycle. 

You can also take advantage of the many golf courses in the area, and enjoy a game or two of golf while staying here. You can also undertake cultural visits in this amazing area. It is even possible to take a ferry across to Morocco. 


Spending the winter in B&B Cortijo Andaluz

B&B Cortijo Andaluz is the ideal place to spend the winter in Malaga. Located in grounds with beautiful gardens and surrounded by fruit trees, plus you have a choice of where to stay. We can offer you a choice between a hotel room, a studio, an apartment or a cottage. Click here to see our rooms and apartments. 


We have come up with some attractive rates for stays of at least 3 weeks, so as you can spend the winter here. Please contact us for further information regarding our winter promotion.